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08 agosto 2011

¿Por qué los niños necesitan un padre?

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Anónimo dijo...

Sick humor...maybe your fathers sodomized you or your daddy " porked the rabbit"...whatever your excuse is...the LOGBOOK will not fix YOUR life.
GER may be in trouble but you could be next month so this is the time to contact MICHAEL MANN through TARANTINO or OLIVER STONE.
He has been chosen to direct " KANSAS KINGS" and he is ANGRY his daughter was subjected to ARYANS in HOLLYWOOD!
And he is angry NEO NAZIS use that for an EXCUSE for PEDOPHILIA and TORTURES!
Because EDWARD MEESE just gave up COMES and JOHNNY DEPP just gave up DEPCO and EISNERBjust gave UO DISCO and REDPATH did the same with REDISCO!
ARYANS, UNCOVERED and now BEGGING for another chance and this chance and this chance alone, comes with this movie...KANSAS KINGS.